Find out what makes us more than just a boxing gym...


We are a relatively small gym. I know a lot of gyms call themselves a family but the funny thing is we literally are.

Our head coaches are mother and daughter, two of the assistant trainers are related and one is married to the co-owner of the gym.

It doesn’t stop there mother’s and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives and we even have grandfather and grandchildren that make up our unique training environment.

Our oldest member is 60 and our youngest is 14. Everyone trains together and all our classes have an extremely unique encouraging team environment.

You’ll never feel like a stranger while training in our gym. Everyone knows each other’s names and new people coming for the first time, soon feel comfortable and are always looked after by a member or two.

Diamonds Boxing was literally built by the members.  From the retractable bags, the ring, the feature photo bomb, the quotes on the wall – these are all made and designed by gym members.

The stars of Diamonds Boxing are the people


Come in, meet the team and train on us for a week!

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